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2020 Election Resources and Opportunities

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In the 2020 election, youth voice and action are essential.

At Mikva Challenge, we know young people have the power to play a critical role in educating and activating each other and their communities to participate and make their voices heard in the 2020 election. Regardless of whether they can vote themselves, young people can speak out on issues that matter to them, advocate for candidates they support, educate their communities about candidates and processes, and mobilize them to vote. Read below to learn more about the five types of resources and opportunities we’re offering this fall to help youth and their teachers engage in this essential work:

  • For educators: Professional Development and Virtual Lessons
  • For youth: Virtual Events, the Great Electoral Race and Voting Squads

For Educators

1. Virtual Lessons

We used our Elections in Action curriculum to create five clusters of student-facing virtual lessons designed to engage youth in different aspects of the 2020 election season from home:

  • My Political Voice
  • Researching Candidates
  • Media Literacy
  • How Campaigns and Elections Work
  • Voting

Each cluster includes four lessons designed to help students explore their role and power within the electoral process + one toolkit to help students organize their own virtual event! All lessons and event toolkits also connect students with opportunities to compete in Mikva’s Great Electoral Race. Educators can sign up to receive a link to the virtual lessons.

2. Professional Development

Between July – September, we offered 12 opportunities for teachers to participate in free, virtual workshops modeling different strategies to engage students in the election by having them explore their own ideologies, learn about the candidates, unpack media messages, examine the role of money in elections, and build confidence in their own civic abilities. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get a chance to participate in one of these PDs, you can still watch a recording here!

For Youth

3. Virtual Events

Throughout September and October, Mikva will host five virtual events to give youth an opportunity to get informed, connected and equipped to make an impact on this historic 2020 election:

Each event is free and open to middle and high school students via Zoom but registration is required. Learn more and register.

4. Great Electoral Race

This Labor Day through Election Day, youth age 13-24 are invited to participate in Mikva’s Great Electoral Race – a digital scavenger hunt made up of 51 Challenges designed to help youth make their voices heard in the 2020 election (and empower their communities to do the same). 

Each Challenge is named after a US state (and is worth as many points as that state has Electoral College votes). Youth complete Challenges using their Instagram accounts and track their progress to 270 at greatelectoralrace.com to earn points and win prizes. 

Preview the Challenges.

5. Voting Squads

Mikva Challenge is partnering with When We All Vote – My School Votes Initiative to recruit and support 300+ youth to work in teams to help register friends, family, neighbors, classmates – any eligible voter in their community. Voting Squad captains receive opportunities to:

  • Join exclusive trainings and briefings – including weekly check ins with other captains
  • Get access to coaching, tools, and resources to build their squad
  • Be part of a nationwide community of highly motivated organizers working to make sure that everyone participates in our democracy

Learn more and sign up

Take a closer look at how these opportunities and events are connected: