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to exist or not to exist beyoumedia






Beginning of sophomore year something had changed. Summer had left us strange and our voice
became locked and contained. We were silent.
It didn’t happen to us all, it first only affected a few
And then grew into a trend that started effecting my friends.
Depression isn’t contagious, it’s a disease where the signs aren’t always clear to see.
But check the eyes, check the wrists, check the warning signs you might have missed.
List them out and listen. The details have a mission to destroy the home they live in.
Just don’t ignore it, that’s the worst possible choice, or thinking it’s all for attention.
The only way us teens have a voice.
Strikes of your own neglect mark the ones you forget mattered, shattered in hospital rooms.
My friends that gave up too soon.
The phone call I’ll never forget and the things that should have been done.
20 percent of us will be depressed before the age of 21.
18 percent more will have harmed themselves, some of that damage can’t be undone.
Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10-24.
What more will go unsaid before more teens end up dying or dead inside,
hiding the hurt they self applied. And if you ask why. Like most people will.
Why do you break skin, pull out your hair, or take those pills.
Why give yourself more pain if it’s not for the attention? Why then hide yourself away?
What’s your real intention?

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