Founder's Circle

Between 2019 – 2022, we aim to raise over $20 million to grow our impact throughout the United States.

You can help us realize that goal.

The Founder’s Circle is an exclusive and limited opportunity for the most innovative and civic-minded philanthropists in the country. Your contributions will advance the next generation of civically engaged citizens in garnering the knowledge, skills and abilities to preserve our democracy. 

Wise investment in our future voters will produce returns for decades to come. To date, Mikva Challenge has already had a major impact on over 150,000 students. 

What the near-term impact looks like:

In the 2019-2020 school year

150,000+ students are being impacted by Mikva Challenge

In two years

400,000+ students will be impacted by Mikva Challenge

In five years

3,000,000+ students will be impacted by Mikva Challenge

What the long-term impact looks like:

1 Alumni are more likely to become registered voters

88% compared to 53% of youth nationwide

2 Alumni are more likely to volunteer in their communities

69% compared to 36% of youth nationwide

3 Alumni are more likely to volunteer for political campaigns

33% compared to 2% of youth nationwide

4 Alumni are more likely to believe it is their responsibility to make things better for society

88% compared to 39% of youth nationwide

Help us expand our reach to millions of students across the United States over the next three years.

Your donation of $25,000+ or more will empower Mikva Challenge to: 

  • Develop multi-year partnerships 
  • Amplify Teacher Leaders 
  • Hire place-based civic engagement organizers 
  • Build an Action Civics infrastructure 
  • Host an annual Summer Institute

Want to learn more about the Mikva Challenge Founder’s Circle?

Other Donation Options

To send a gift by mail

please make your check payable to “Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation” and mail to:

Mikva Challenge
200 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60604