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Chicago Housing Authority Youth Council

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The Chicago Housing Authority Council’s (CHA) mission is to improve the quality of life for young people living in CHA Housing. Their vision is to create more year round paid educational opportunities for CHA youth through community, government and private partnerships.

The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Youth Council is a group of 20 empowered and outspoken young CHA residents who are striving to create practices and policies that could better the lives of CHA youth. They also serve as a youth advisory body to the CEO of the Chicago Housing Authority and provide him with recommendations on policies and practices that could improve the lives of CHA youth residents.

Notable Achievements

  • Second year for the Chicago Housing Authority Youth Council aimed at bringing youth voice to the CHA leadership.
  • Researched and analyzed the current state of youth employment through articles, video clips, site visits, panel discussions and interviews with experts.
  • Youth leaders met with CHA CEO Eugene Jones Jr. five times to discuss and present their ideas.
  • Researched, developed and presented 5 recommendations related to youth unemployment within CHA.
  • Planning a youth-led Summit for young people to share ideas and solutions on December 2nd.

2020 Recommendations

Throughout the summer, Mikva Challenge youth policymakers identified the most pressing issues and inequities currently affecting Chicago youth. At a town hall event, they presented their policy recommendations and identifying ways to take action to turn their vision for our city into a reality. Read the Chicago Housing Authority Council’s full set of recommendations.

My favorite part of Mikva is that I feel empowered to say how I feel. I know my voice matters and I know how to make changes in my community

Reggie Hatley, CHA Youth Council participant