Mikva Challenge invites you to join us in celebrating our 25th Anniversary. This year, we are making our annual “Democracy is a Verb!” Benefit a true homecoming. The entire Mikva Challenge community is invited to join us in this celebration – alumni, teachers, staff, volunteers and our network of generous supporters are all encouraged to attend. 

We will be commemorating a quarter-century of providing hands-on democracy education that values and lifts up youth voices. We are supporting a new generation of empowered, informed and active civic leaders who are building a more just and equitable society. More than one million youth have participated in Mikva Challenge programs over the last 25 years. This special anniversary Homecoming Celebration brings our full community together!  

We will be honoring our 2024 Changemaker, David Hiller, whose tenure as the former President and CEO of the McCormick Foundation is marked by his strong focus on enhancing civic education and engagement among youth. The growth and enrichment of our work at Mikva Challenge can be largely attributed to the McCormick Foundation’s unwavering support and Mr. Hiller’s commitment to elevating the voices of the youth. We deeply appreciate his long-term partnership and the significant impact it has had on our mission. We are grateful for his long standing history as a partner of Mikva Challenge and for his unwavering commitment to uplifting and amplifying youth voices!

Throughout the year and at the “Democracy is a Verb!” 2024 Benefit, we will be showcasing milestones, sharing stories of impact, and recognizing individuals and partners who have been instrumental in our journey. Please join us for this special homecoming celebration as we honor the past, celebrate the present, and envision a future where every young voice is heard and valued. 

Learn more about the event and purchase sponsorships and individual tickets here: mikvachallenge.org/25thbenefit