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Theory of Change.

1We provide.

Creating bridges between youth and adults to allow for them to form interpersonal connections and make civic decisions together.


We provide youth with the opportunities needed in order to participate in civics.


We provide Action Civics youth leadership curriculum materials and professional development to teachers.


We provide opportunities for youth to form interpersonal connections with adult leaders.

2We will see.


We will see the development of Civic knowledge, attitudes and behaviors.


We will see more youth engaged in civics in partnership with adults.


We will see more youth participating in civic processes, along with teachers and adults better trained to promote it in their institutions.

3This leads to.


This leads to empowered, informed, and active youth who promote a just and equitable society.


This leads to teachers with the knowledge and confidence to implement youth-centered pedagogy and civics curriculum.


This leads to adults who include youth in civic processes.

A stronger, inclusive democracy that values youth voice.