Our Curricula.

Mikva Challenge offers a portfolio of Action Civics curricula designed for educators and youth workers to use in developing youth voice and guiding youth to take informed action.

Our curricula

is designed by and for educators to pick and adapt lessons that best suit their context and the needs of their students. Educators use this curriculum in a variety of different contexts including integrating it into various subjects, in advisory, as an elective course, or in an after school club, and across a wide range of grade levels.

Given this range, we have designed the lessons to allow for maximum flexibility and adaptability. Mikva curricula is aligned with CCSS and C3 standards. In addition, the curricula directly addresses Social and Emotional Learning standards and equity in the classroom.

Mikva Action Civics curricula:

Power of Persuasion

This curriculum was developed to help students develop and strengthen their argumentative writing skills as well as their identity as writers. By utilizing Mikva’s high engagement instructional strategies, students will bring their own lived experiences to the practice of writing persuasively.

Issues to Action

This cornerstone curriculum provides a six-step process for youth activism that asks students to examine their communities, identify issues of importance to them, conduct intensive primary research about these issues, analyze power, develop strategies, and take action to impact policy — while reflecting on the process throughout.

Project Soapbox

Project Soapbox teaches students how to develop and deliver a speech on an issue they feel passionately about. Students identify qualities of a good speech, learn how to structure a speech, employ rhetorical devices and qualities of effective speech delivery. Project Soapbox culminates with students presenting their speeches to their peers and community.

Student Voice Committee

This curriculum provides a framework and structure for implementing a youth governance body at your school. The activities are written for use in an after school program for youth to work in collaboration with their principal to institute changes within their school.

Elections in Action

Elections in Action is a curriculum that engages students in learning about campaigns and elections by having them explore their own ideologies, learn about the candidates and get involved in electoral politics through a variety of scaffolded actions.

Creating Democratic Classrooms

The Creating Democratic Classrooms curriculum helps build a positive and inclusive learning environment where students feel empowered, safe, and challenged, and where leadership and community are practiced regularly.

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