As the days get shorter and the leaves change color, Mikva students are getting ready to hit the doors this weekend – but not because it’s Halloween. This weekend is the last one before the election, and for students participating in our campaign program that means one thing: it’s time to Get Out The Vote! For weeks now, students from across the city and suburbs have been busy talking about the issues at stake in this year’s governor’s race, attending campaign rallies and debate watch parties and – most importantly – campaigning for the candidate they most hope will become the next governor of Illinois. And now that Election Day is almost here – and the polls show Quinn and Rauner closer than ever – it’s time for the final push.Quinn office

Can Mikva students hit 5,000 door knocks and phone calls in one day? Follow us this weekend on twitter with #MikvaGOTV to find out!

What impact does campaigning have on students?

‘After campaigning I’ve felt that revealing that I’m a student volunteer, adults actually contribute a little of their time to speak to me about what matters and affects me. I definitely feel like participating in the future.’
-junior at Chicago Military

‘I learned that behind every candidate there’s a team and that team works hard to help their candidate win.’
-senior at Second Chance

‘I learned one comment about a candidate’s policies can change a voter’s mind.’
-senior at Westinghouse