More than ever, young people’s voices and experiences need to be heard and shared. Their unique experiences and insights are informing policy and helping our nation address the issues we are facing today. We invite you to share Mikva Challenge’s #MikvaQuaranTeenChallenge with your students and encourage them to participate.

How students participate in the #MikvaQuaranTeenChallenge:

  1. Students write a short speech on the most urgent issue they are facing during this pandemic and how we should take action on it.
  2. Students record their speeches
  3. Students share their videos with their friends, elected officials and others on their favorite social media platform.
  4. Make sure to have students tag their videos with #MikvaQuaranTeenChallenge so their video is included in the challenge!!

This speech template will help guide your students in the speech-writing process. You can also share with students and others in your networks this handy infographic:

Young people are powerful!

As an example of their positive ripple effect, Jennifer Bello – an NYC student, shared her video with her teacher, Ms. Jasmine Toledo who was inspired to share this challenge with her students and with her school administration, and they are discussing ways to make this a school-wide initiative. Her school administration then shared it with their superintendent, who shared the opportunity on Twitter.

Ms. Jasmine Toledo shared her reaction with Mikva Challenge and says,

“This is a big deal. I haven’t been excited about something like this since quarantine began. (…) These projects inspire my students SO much. When they are inspired, I am inspired.”

Check out her full video:

Mikva Challenge NYC Student speaks out on racism during COVID-19 from Mikva Challenge on Vimeo.

We hope you’ll join in on this challenge and help amplify youth voice at this time! For more information or to let us know you’ll be joining, please reach out to Cristina Perez,