Alum of the month: Khiry Johnson


khiryjohnsonTell us about your Mikva Challenge experience. In what programs you were involved?

I first joined Mikva Challenge as a student attending Prosser Career Academy on the west side of Chicago. Prior to joining Mikva, I wasn’t big on politics or being politically aware. Starting in the Education Council under Miriam Martinez was exactly what I needed. The experience of researching, practicing professionalism, and public speaking helped mold me into who I am today. Wrapping up my time there with an internship with Alderman Mitts gave me a brand new perspective for my community and how essential it was to aid the type of community you wanted to live in. The following year, I’d be leaving for college. Luckily, I had experience with videography. I was hired on as a student staff person to help produce PSAs with the Mikva Health Council. This also aided me with perspective, as well as how important balance is in this universe. Never before had I thought about health being comprised of different components. Mikva had finally done what it was so dedicated to doing, creating a young knowledgeable leader.

What are you doing now?

I am currently pursuing a career in comedy. I am taking courses and performing improv at Second City, while performing at venues such as Jokes and Notes.

How has your experience as a Mikva Challenge youth informed who you are today?

My experiences with Mikva have been the building blocks for most of the activism I get involved with to this day. Mikva ignited the flame of curiosity with the gas of hope. I am confident that my involvement is a part of the solution. Mikva did not only teach me to keep up with current events but that my actions can rectify a lot of the issues I found troubling. I found that the space between a problem and a solution is filled by me.

You are going to speak and share your story with Young Professional supporters of Mikva Challenge at our FriendRaiser, the Night of the Voting Dead, on October 22nd. As an alum, what do you want new and young supporters to know about Mikva Challenge?

Mikva Challenge is an opportunity to become a part of the solution to so many problems. How? Well, if the children are the future and Mikva builds stronger more sound leaders, then a donation to Mikva is an investment in OUR future as a people.