On April 7th Chuy Garcia and Rahm Emanuel will face off to decide the fate of the citizens of Chicago. But in the last election, only 33% of voters turned out at the polls! Here are 10 reasons why Chicago youth think you should vote on April 7th. (To see more reasons beyond these 10, check out our Facebook album here)

1. You can be a part of history!

number 1This is the first time in Chicago’s history that the race for mayor has gone to run-off. With TWO chances to vote, you don’t want to tell your grandchildren you missed both of them.

2. Your vote will actually make a difference.


We are in for a close race. This almost never happens in Chicago!

3. Because not everyone can.


Even today, this city is home to 1000s of people who wish they could vote but cannot.

4. The mayor has a lot of power over Chicago Public Schools


The next Mayor will appoint the school board, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools and has a lot of influence over key educational policy.

5. People need jobs.


Chicago’s next Mayor can create policy that can lead to increased employment for the people of Chicago.

6. Chicago deserves safe neighborhoods.


The Mayor works with communities and the Chicago Police Department to address crime rates and make all neighborhoods safer.

7. Your Vote is Your Voice


This is an opportunity to have a say in how your city is run. No politician will be able to do everything you want, but if you voted for them your criticism will mean a lot more to them later. Take advantage!

8. You can see our friendly faces at the polling place!


1300+ high school students will be working the polls on Election Day, waiting to help you cast your ballot. Don’t let their time and effort go to waste!

9. Because it’s EASY.


Illinois has some of the friendliest voting laws in the nation. Vote early (and register if you need to!) at any of 51 polling locations throughout the city from 3/23 – 4/4 OR at your polling place on April 7th.

10. Your Community Needs You!!!