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Twenty-two Mikva Challenge highschool students from across the nation have formed the National Youth Response Movement. The youth advisory council that will elevate youth voice and inform policy decisions during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Council members are sharing their personal stories on the myriad of issues that they and their peers are facing during the COVID-19 outbreak – ranging from the loss of their family’s income, to healthcare challenges, to making the transition to distance learning. The stories will help inform the decision-making processes and public policy that will impact the lives of youth during and beyond the outbreak. 

To activate youth across the country the Council is launching a social media campaign: #MikvaQuaranTeenChallenge that will call on youth nationwide to speak up and out about the unique needs of diverse young people across the country at this moment.

This prolonged period of social distancing and distance learning is the right time to elevate the voices and perspectives of our nation’s young people. Mikva Challenge student leaders are already rising to the challenge and providing civic leadership through new virtual and social media platforms. 

“Youth voice being amplified during this pandemic is very important because our voice matters and we are the future of our country…. We want to contribute to the future of our country, and help and we want to do our part. Our voice should matter because we’ve experienced things and we want to share our experiences.”

– Jennifer Belo, Youth Advisory Council Member, NY

Here from the powerful youth leaders in their own words:

Student representatives are available now for interviews. Media inquiries:

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