Perspectives Group Juggling ActivityLast week I arrived at Perspectives Middle Academy to lead the first day of the Mikva Peace and Leadership Council (PLC). I got to the classroom to set up when the last bell rang for dismissal. I was greeted by three eager and curious middle school students. They were introduced themselves to me and asked about the program. I introduced myself to them and welcomed them to sign in and take a piece of candy (every Mikva session includes snacks!).

I focused this first session on team building and gauging their knowledge about Mikva and the PLC program generally. We opened up with a mood check-in. One of the veteran PLC members (from last school year) led the check-in activity. As we went around the circle and each student said their name, grade, and mood level, their faces lit up. During each activity the students smiled and giggled away. It was like they had forgotten all about their troubles and worries about school and their personal lives.

We ended the session with a chant. Most of the students remembered the chant from when I first introduced it during a school wide assembly they recently had. As they were chanting, I encouraged them to chant as loud as possible because, as young people, their voices are the loudest ones at the table where decisions are made for them!