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first shot of whiskey beyoumedia

When we’re young, we are given the idea that love is exactly how it is perceived in the movies. We’re taught that one day, we’re going to meet someone who is going to sweep us off of our feet. He or she will make us forget what it is like to feel empty. This concept of love is made out to be this splendid wonderful thing that we can’t live without. Let’s be honest, love sucks! That’s what movies and books forget to mention you. They completely forget to mention that there is a chance that the same person that makes you feel whole, can be the same person that shatters you so badly that you can’t be fixed.

When I was fourteen, I met a boy named Alex. I should mention at this point that I never smoked, partied, or drank; but my friends always told me that all of that stuff gave them a high that made them feel alive. I didn’t need to try any of that stuff to know that Alex made me feel that way all on his own. He was my first shot of whiskey. I had yet to meet someone who made me feel the way he did. I know that’s crazy to say, considering the fact I was only fourteen, but when the feeling is there, you can’t help yourself. He was kind, caring, and could make me laugh endlessly. When we first met I knew that I really liked him. I just never thought much of it considering that I was so young.

Two years later, I found myself completely head over heels. It was a like a scene out of a movie but, better since it was real and unscripted. Once we turned 16, I learned that movie won’t show you reality. That part is for you to experience. At this point in my life, love couldn’t get any uglier. He became the person that he promised he’d never be. Till this day, I am unsure to why he became that “monster”, but I do know one thing he broke me from inside and out. It began with him being angry all the time and he taking it out on me. Somehow, everything became my fault! For some reason I could never make him happy anymore.

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