Ira Abrams - Teacher - Mikva Challenge Who changed your life? At Mikva Challenge, we know that it only takes one — one teacher, one mentor, one caring adult to bring out The Power Of One! We’re extremely grateful for the 175 teachers who passionately bring Mikva Challenge programs into their classrooms across Chicago. Mikva Challenge teachers are supportive adult role-models that make a difference. Our teachers provide students unique opportunities to get involved in their classrooms and communities. Because of Mikva educators, more youth voices are heard, and young people learn the power of engaged citizenship while strengthening our political and civic life. When you support Mikva Challenge, you're supporting teachers like Ira Abrams. A Mikva educator for 10 years, Ira wants every teacher to have access to Mikva Challenge's transformative programs that help students find their voice.

Thank you for being The Power of One for Mikva Challenge!
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