Judge Mikva was a member of my temple, and lived a few blocks away from us. In high school, one of my assignments in history class involved interviewing someone on the topic in question. I had chosen to write about the Supreme Court, specifically, the Burger Court. My parents had suggested speaking with Judge Mikva, but I was hesitant. Finally, I called him at home, and he told me to come over the following day and he would speak with me.

He talked with me for about 90 minutes, answering all of my questions, and also speaking with me in general about the Court, legal philosophy, etc.

I asked him if he ever disagreed with one of the Supreme Court’s rulings.

He said, “No. It’s the Supreme Court.”

I said, “But didn’t you ever disagree with one of their decisions or what they ruled?”

He smiled, looked at me, and said, “No. It’s the Supreme Court. Whatever they rule, is the correct ruling.”