Saúl Sarabia runs a political consulting firm called Solidarity and has a part-time appointment at the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, where he focuses on the Future of Work in a Decarcerated California. His firm led electoral outreach strategies to elect a progressive prosecutor in Los Angeles County.

Saul is an LA native who began his work as a community organizer focused on racial justice and the legal system in 1999 at the Community Coalition in South Los Angeles where he led successful campaigns to organize grandmothers and relatives caring for children whose parents were incarcerated or struggling with addiction.

He also pioneered organizing formerly incarcerated people with social service providers, their clients, and family members of system-impacted people and has been an advisor to the LA chapter of All of Us or None, a national association of formerly incarcerated people fighting to change laws that discriminate against people who have been arrested or convicted, since its inception.

Previously, he taught Chicano Studies at UCLA to involve students in community organizing. He led the Critical Race Studies program at UCLA Law School, training a new generation of legally trained social justice activists. He believes strongly that partnering student and community leaders is crucial to social movement building.