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Our Issues to Action program

brings Action Civics directly to classrooms and schools. Through partnerships with teachers, over 15,000 students each year engage in civic action projects that address local issues and advocate for policy change.

Mikva’s Issues to Action (ITA) curriculum

is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that puts youth at the helm of leading the change they hope to see, and gaining critical skills along the way:


Examine Identity and Community

Youth reflect on their own identity and asset map their communities.


Identify Issues and Envision Change

Youth identify an issue they are passionate about and envision a world without that problem.


Conduct Research and Set Goals

Youth learn various strategies for gathering data on their issue and use that information to set goals.


Analyze Power

Youth map out power around an issue and identify where they can have impact.


Strategize, Plan and Act

Youth assess strategies for change, identify the most effective one, then create and implement an action plan.


Showcase work and reflect

Youth present their work, reflect, and plan next steps.

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Did you know?

Teachers interested in participating in this program in Illinois, DC and California are eligible to receive additional classroom support, resources and access to Mikva-organized events and opportunities. To learn more, contact:

In DC, for more information contact:

Justine Hipsky

Program Director

In IL, for more information contact:

Karla Morin Castilla

Site Director, Wilmington/ Issues to Action Director

In CA, for more information contact:

Brian Brady


All others, for more information contact:

Brian Brady