Soapbox Nation

Through Soapbox Nation, youth find their voice on the issues that matter most to them and are given a platform for sharing their ideas and actions.


Mikva Challenge’s Project Soapbox curriculum has been giving young people the tools and opportunity to speak out about the issues facing their schools, communities and the lives of young people for over 8 years. Now these powerful youth voices can be heard nationally: with Soapbox Nation, created in partnership with Mikva Challenge and Facebook Education, students from around the country can share their Soapbox speeches digitally and compete to win a trip to Washington, DC. Last year, over 15,000 young people from 28 states got on their Soapbox – be a part of this growing movement!


  1. Using Mikva’s 1-2 week Soapbox curriculum, educators work with their students to help them connect with issues they care about and develop their case for making a change. Webinar training along with customized coaching supports teachers in this process.
  2. Once students have developed a powerful, researched, two-minute call-to-action speech about an issue that has deeply impacted them and their peers, they will submit a video of the Soapbox speech to be shared on the Soapbox Nation Facebook Page.
  3. Students with the top 12 winning speeches will be flown to Washington D.C. to present their speeches to a national audience. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to talk with public officials on capitol hill about their issues and learn how D.C. works so they can get their voice heard in the capitol. Check out last year’s winning speeches!

Who is eligible?

5th-12th grade classrooms throughout the country are eligible to be a part of Soapbox Nation.

Sign up to participate – you’ll get the Soapbox Nation curriculum, online webinar training dates, and a chance for one of your students to be among the 12 national winners to present their speech in Washington, DC next summer.


Soapbox Nation celebrates the power of youth voice and opinion to encourage students to become active participants in the civic debate of their community while fostering public speaking and critical thinking skills and building empathy for peers. Recent research from DePaul professors Molly Andolina and Hilary Conklin has shown that the Soapbox Nation program improves students civic knowledge and social emotional learning. Soapbox Nation is a great catalyst for youth getting excited about learning civics and being active citizens.

The power of Soapbox is that it transforms students into civic actors not just spectators.

Mikva Challenge President, Brian Brady.