Soapbox Nation

Through Soapbox Nation, youth find their voice on the issues that matter most to them and are given a national platform for sharing their ideas and actions.


Building on the transformative power of Mikva Challenge’s Project Soapbox curriculum, Soapbox Nation adds another dimension to the public speaking program. Students from around the country are invited to share videos of their speeches about an issue that matters to them on this national platform – and some will be chosen to deliver their speech at the culminating Soapbox Nation Mainstage event in the spring. Watch the 2021-22 Soapbox Nation Mainstage event – and stay tuned for more information about the 2022-23 submission cycle, coming soon!


  1. Using Mikva’s Project Soapbox curriculum, educators work with their students to help them connect with issues they care about and develop their case for making a change. 
  2. Once students have developed a powerful, researched, two-minute call-to-action speech about an issue that has impacted them and their community, they submit a video of their Soapbox speech to Soapbox Nation. The submission process has closed for the 2021-22 cycle – check back here for  information how to to submit speeches for the 2022-23 cycle (coming soon!). 
  3. All submitted speeches are posted on the Soapbox Nation Vimeo, and some will be featured on our social media channels as well (follow @MikvaChallenge). Students get feedback from civic and community leaders, and 10 speakers will be selected to be showcased at the Soapbox Nation Mainstage in the spring.

Who is eligible?

Kindergarten-12th grade classrooms throughout the country are eligible to be a part of Soapbox Nation. Participating teachers find out about upcoming opportunities to sign up for Project Soapbox professional development workshops, and stay in the loop about all of the important information you need to know to make sure your students can make their voices heard through Soapbox Nation.

NOTE: Students whose videos have been submitted to local Soapbox events are automatically entered into Soapbox Nation!


Soapbox Nation celebrates the power of youth voice and opinion to encourage students to become active participants in the civic debate of their community while fostering public speaking and critical thinking skills and building empathy for peers. Recent research from DePaul professors Molly Andolina and Hilary Conklin has shown that the Soapbox Nation program improves students civic knowledge and social emotional learning. Soapbox Nation is a great catalyst for youth getting excited about learning civics and being active citizens.

Want to learn more?

Get inspired by watching Mikva’s 2022 Soapbox Nation Mainstage event. You can also find the videos of all of the 2022 finalists’ speeches here, and we encourage you to check out all of last year’s powerful submissions.

My experience made me feel powerful, that my voice mattered and that we have the power to change the world and we will.

Student participant