In today’s rapidly evolving social and political landscape, the influence of youth voices cannot be emphasized enough. More than ever, young people are stepping forward, bringing fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and boundless passion to the forefront of important discussions. At Mikva Challenge, we proudly support youth voices through our Soapbox Nation Mainstage event. It’s not just about celebrating youth empowerment; it’s about recognizing young voices’ pivotal role in shaping our collective future.

Soapbox Nation serves as a platform to amplify these voices, equipping students with the tools and encouragement they need to speak out on the issues that resonate most with them. Through our Project Soapbox curriculum, students nationwide learn to express their thoughts, advocate for change, and make their voices heard in their communities and beyond.

In today’s interconnected world, where challenges like climate change, systemic inequality, and political division loom large, the perspectives of young people are more critical than ever. Our young leaders bring a fresh perspective to these challenges, unburdened by conventional norms and propelled by a desire to enact positive change. By amplifying their voices, we can gain new insights, foster meaningful dialogue, and inspire action on a broad spectrum of societal issues.

We are guided by the understanding that engaging youth is essential for cultivating a more inclusive and democratic society. When young individuals are given the chance to engage in civic life and express their views, they become more invested in the future of their communities and the world at large. By empowering young leaders, we can cultivate a more dynamic and resilient democracy, one that reflects the diverse perspectives and experiences of all its constituents.

The Soapbox Nation Mainstage event offers an opportunity to celebrate the remarkable impact young people can have when given the platform to share their perspectives. It serves as a reminder that the future belongs to those who are bold enough to speak up, stand out, and take action.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the inspiring stories of the 13 young leaders chosen to deliver their Soapbox Nation speeches at this year’s mainstage event. Learn more about them here: 

  • Akron, OH: Edwin – Gun Violence
  • Illinois: Mackenzie – Genocide in Gaza
  • Jefferson County, KY: Emerson – Book Banning
  • Madison, WI: Lima – Immigrants access to support
  • New Hampshire: Owen- Waste Warriors
  • New York City, NY: Arithra – Rent Control
  • Prince George’s County, MD: Kevin – Financial Aid
  • Riverside, CA: Oleah  – The Weaponization of Bio Research
  • Rochester, NY: Zoe D. – Mental Health
  • Salinas, CA: Jamilah  – Veteran Support
  • Upper Peninsula, MI: Alaura – Sexual Harassment
  • Washington, DC: Demetri – Mental Health
  • Wilmington, DE: Simon – Transphobia

Whether you’re a member of the press, a community leader, or simply someone who believes in the power of youth activism, we invite you to join us for the Soapbox Nation Mainstage event on May 22nd. Together, let’s celebrate the voices of our future and work towards a brighter tomorrow. Register here.